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by tiides

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Dear listener,

thank you for taking the time to listen to my new project.


released September 2, 2013

the artwork i created myself, but got inspiration from the artist, Bernadette Pascua



all rights reserved


tiides Brooklyn, New York

Hey, I'm tiides. This project was born a few years back in order to keep my headspace flowing w/ new ideas whilst being in a band. Fast forward to the present. I'm now based in Brooklyn, and the once project, has now taken over my musical career. Enjoy x ... more

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Track Name: Together In Fear
We are afraid we care too much
for fear that others don't care at all
and we're afraid when we stand up
we'll only reach, well three feet tall

'Cause we've been fed all these lies
they tried to change all of our minds
but we are stronger you know my dear
we're soldiers who live through all this fear

So let the flame burn out
nothing lasts forever
we've got it now...together

We are afraid, what's in our minds
we hold ourselves back to vocalize
all of the words we want to say
go through one ear and out the other way

Left, left, right, left
put your hands in the air
Track Name: Amethyst
Fluorescent lights penetrating my eyes
Shivering down my spine
Happiness, a clear head
I could see past this mess

Cool, it was all so fucking cool
Yeah, I had the world in the palm of my hands

And i'm within, my own skin
And i'm at ease, with myself pleased

Amethyst glowing in my face
Had everything I needed in this place
Fluidity, as I speak
The words became apart of me
Track Name: All In Colour
I've been stuck in a rut
I conjured up all by myself
I thought I was okay being alone
I didn't need nobody else

But where did you come from
You weren't supposed to switch my game
The outcome had already been long determined
It's seeking to change

Now I see in colour
Fuck all that black and white
Said goodbye to all my darkness
Now that you've brought me all this light

Shut my heart out to this world
Didn't wanna feel what it felt like to get hurt
Was okay being numb
Now i'd like to feel some
Track Name: Dead End (Bonus Track)
A circle gathering behind closed doors
And we're not singing no Kumbaya my lord
Make yourself pretty, powder up that nose
It's what we've been waiting for

Restless movements pull towards the dance floor
Smiles so grand you wouldn't know what you store
Carefully slipping away, just to get a little taste
Of life in a faster pace

Your flower's withering
And hell is opening

Wandering eyes
Wondering lies
Tries and just tries
Ways to get high