by tiides

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Dear Listener,
The EP I have compiled are from the past couple months while living in London. They are raw and recorded straight from my Iphone, with minimal editing. That being said, expect for imperfect recordings. That’s the whole beauty of it. I wanted to make this EP as accessible as possible, so it’s completely free to download, all I ask is that you share it with others, and reflect on the lyrics and messages within. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing opportunity to come to London, after all the negativity that was encompassing my life. Life is good again.
Enjoy the ride


released April 18, 2014



all rights reserved


tiides Brooklyn, New York

Hey, I'm tiides. This project was born a few years back in order to keep my headspace flowing w/ new ideas whilst being in a band. Fast forward to the present. I'm now based in Brooklyn, and the once project, has now taken over my musical career. Enjoy x ... more

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Track Name: out there
you see the darkness, I seize the day
people don't know my name
but it'll all change, it'll all change

and if you don't like what I say
you can go to hell all the same
and i don't have the time to get by,
kissing ass is that alright
just do what I like
and it's a shame when we speak
every word obliterates what I think

so please don't say you know me
please don't say you care
cause you know you're just lying
to everybody out there

you see the struggle I see the gain
even if there's too much pain
it'll all change, it'll all change

speaking truth's just like a game
when everyone acts just the same
and I don't have the patience to put up with you
you're just too much duty I don't want to do
I don't have the desire like I used to
tune's chiming down
the flame's burning out
Track Name: bad blood
you say there's nothing
but bad blood between
but i'll give you something
so you can dream
can't promise it all
there's still ripped seams
but I got the needle
sew anything

it's hard to fall
love's society
but I don't expect
if you put up a wall
i'll wait to see
if you allow me
to break such things

in the darkest of nights
I will guide you back to light
in the darkest of nights
I will show you love
Track Name: <3
I know I might've not met you just yet
but the attraction is already in my head
you've got me lusting for love every word you speak
and i'm not willing to give up just yet

until I see you again

i'm stuck in a daze as always, but you're near
how can somebody like you make the world so clear
cause when i'm high, i'm high
when i'm low, i'm low
somehow you always know
Track Name: jfkhjkdh
you say you don't care anymore
and I still want you, yeah you babe

you say you don't care anymore

and the fire still burns, and the fire still burns
with you and I but if you don't care I'll still try

and I still want you, yeah you babe
you say you don't care anymore